Established 1998 by Firoza Pathan, having started from home, today, Zeba'ish boasts a boutique on Green Lane, Ilford, with a growing and impressive loyal client base. Whilst the paradigm of 'East meets West' has been done to death, the irony of Zeba'ish is that they are one of very few that have managed to couture outfits that truly embraces the fusion of Eastern and Western influences. Unusual in style and floral in colour. A combination and romance evident in any Zeba'ish outfit. Trend setting and standing out, is the attitude of Zeba'ish clients. Young and old, men and women, Zeba'ish within a very short space of time has created an understanding and assimilation with their customers of today and those of tomorrow. Whether it is couture or something off the shelf Zeba'ish, if elegance and individualism is what you seek, Zeba'ish is the brand that will turn heads.

Specialising also in a unique range of bridal wear, Zeba'ish brides and bridegrooms are able to live the fairytale they have always imagined.