Zara's Catering

Initially known as a decor company, seven years on, the brand has also established a name for itself in the catering world. ‘Actually, we have always been a catering company first and foremost, a décor business, second… but the décor side became so much in demand that it’s almost overtaken the rest,’ explains MD Toki Khan. Having enjoyed much success providing food for functions, with his business partner and wife Naz, the dynamic duo want to set the record straight and give an update on why the brand is fast creating a double impact in the wedding and special occasions market. 

‘Our speciality is to concentrate on one function per day; in fact, ‘your day, your way’ is our motto. My wife and I are there as a working team for most of the day for the client. We want to provide peace of mind; it’s about quality of service. There are no variables, if we have one booking for the day, we won’t take another. Being on-site has the advantage of making our immediate service team work twice as hard, and we are there to rectify any problem personally. I take pride in being the first on the scene, last one out, as a guarantee of bespoke quality,’ Toki states, adding, ‘we like to create an easy family environment.’ In fact, the couple often bring along their own daughter, Zara, the company’s namesake and now aged 15, to help out.’ In a market shaped by much competition from established caterers and ‘new chefs on the block’, Toki puts the integral difference behind his brand down to it being female fronted - in the shape of his ‘wife with a particular eye for detail,’ Naz. ‘Around 80% of companies I’ve seen have men at the helm, yet I’m sure most brides feel more at ease and understood by having a female front in the consultation process.’ Not surprisingly, Naz agrees!