tessa kar

Age: 39 

Height: 5'3

Occupation: Retoucher


"I have entered Jewel in the Crown because I believe that I represent women who wish to celebrate and embrace their natural beauty whatever their age or cultural origin" 



"My name is Tessa Kar from West London. I am half Indian and half Filipino, born and raised in Great Britain. I've entered the Jewel In The Crown category because I believe that I represent women who wish to celebrate and embrace their natural beauty whatever their age or cultural origin. Coming from a Retouching and Media background, I found that many people, particularly young girls, struggled with their own appearances because of flawless media images, pressures to fit in and to be seen as perfect constantly. My heartfelt continuing mission is to show that although this culture exists in our society, we should still be comfortable in our skins and honour our own uniqueness. 


Through my own journey of personal self-discovery, I acknowledged that true happiness came when I identified and reconnected with what was unique to me. One of my childhood passions was to be a singer/songwriter. Recently, I decided to rediscover that dream by writing and co-producing my own songs and overcoming my fear of performing publicly. A project I am extremely proud of, through my music, I aim to empower others to pursue their dreams and ambitions too. The launch of my debut EP shall be released later on this year for available download. 


Having worked with various mentors specializing in the Self-Development Industry, it seemed like a natural progression for me to utilize the strategies I had learned by also designing an online Business/Personal Branding online course. Having lost my dad to Cancer and then my brother to mental health problems and diabetes, I decided to donate 10% of the profits to Mind, a charity whose mission is to help mental health sufferers with low self-esteem and low confidence, a topic that has close connections to my heart. 


I believe that am an ideal candidate to be Miss Jewel in the Crown as I show up as a positive promoter of self-awareness. I actively encourage techniques on how to be true to yourself, to practise self-love and to let your inner beauty to shine through. It is when we allow ourselves to be authentic and genuine, we can enjoy a more fulfilling and empowering life. I would use my status to further support Mind by doing more in the community to help low self-esteem sufferers"​


Photoshoot: Viya Magazine


Make-up: Sultan Bridal


Hair: Zens Bridal


Jewellery: The Lotus London



Outfit: Zeba'ish London